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5 tips to help your get posting done

The biggest challenge facing marketer's today is providing more service to their business in the same time they were already doing everything else on their to-do list. This is even more true for businesses and clubs who don't have a dedicated marketing person doing marketing jobs.

Social media in particular is becoming an item that businesses and clubs cannot ignore. You need to be out there to attract new business and look after your existing customers. Here's a few tips to help you get it done and done well:

1. Have a plan

Without a structured plan for your posts you'll never get it done.  Perhaps tack it onto the end of the email marketing sends. Dedicate 10 minutes to putting all those great stories into some posts for Facebook and Twitter. We recommend using a spreadsheet like excel or google sheets to keep it organised and accessible.

2. Don't have a plan

Make sure you scatter the planned posts with some spontaneous news. Once a week make it your business to posts something fresh that just happened either to you or in the news that will relate to your customers.

3. Delegate

Build a culture within your business to get everyone thinking about social media. Remind them as you're walking past on your way to the lunch room that you need to know what's happening so you can get the message out. Getting great content is half the battle.

Also give access to those google sheets to multiple reliable and competent staff members who can help you build the content.

4. Seek help

If you're still struggling to get it done invest in a social media consultant to help you out. They don't have to take over everything, just the bits you can't get done yourself. Alternatively you might make some great headway with training for you and your colleagues. If there's no budget for it, then perhaps you could consider moving some of your existing advertising funds to cater for it.

5. Set achievable goals

Although all the social media gurus are recommending we post twice a day, it's just not practical for some of us to fit into our marketing schedule. It's very important that if you've got a Facebook or Twitter page that you post regularly. If you can only do it twice a week then so be it. Start there and aim to increase once you've got a hang of the process. But make a goal that's achievable and stick to it.

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