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How to keep on top of content

Oh it’s embarrassing how long it has been since I wrote a post for our blog. The real reason is that I got too busy with work, had a baby, and didn’t plan ahead. I thought I’d be able to stay on top of it, but like the old builders syndrome I spent all my …
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What’s New in Squawkbox

For those of you who currently use Impact Data’s smart products for your email and sms marketing, this is a must-read.  Since I’m an advanced user of this product I can give you a great insight into the great new features and some of the pitfalls of changing to the re-written product. It’s wonderful to …
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How to improve your out of office reply

It’s Christmas time so everyone except me is on holidays….yes feeling a little sorry for myself. Most of the emails I’m sending are resulting in an out of office reply that looks something like this: “I am out of the office until this date. Kind regards John Smith” As a marketer I see this as …
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Why consistency is important

Yes it definitely has been too long since I wrote a blog post. Each time I’ve thought about doing one recently I’ve reminded myself that I am not practicing what I preach. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. There are a lot of reasons for this: Trust Branding Ranking Good business practice Trust When you’re creating an online …
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Qld Cricketers’ Club Website Integration

This website is a great test case of how you can use your existing software applications to get the most out of your website. This is particularly true of the Club industry, although it’s a great example whomever you are on how you can use your website to maximise your software value. Your website can …
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5 tips to help your get posting done

The biggest challenge facing marketer’s today is providing more service to their business in the same time they were already doing everything else on their to-do list. This is even more true for businesses and clubs who don’t have a dedicated marketing person doing marketing jobs. Social media in particular is becoming an item that …
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Who are the millennials?

Who are the millennials and how do I reach them?

When I first heard this term I gasped at how old I must be that yet another generation had been invented. But it’s okay – it’s just the Generation Y with a new tag name that has taken over. They are the teenagers and twenty-somethings of today, born between 1980 and 2000. You can read …
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How to maximise visual content value

Visual content

An ever-increasing challenge for online marketers is the insistence on visual images to support your fabulous content.  This is really a good thing because it allows you so much flexibility in fresh ideas for your content. Variety is the spice of life.  But the challenge is in getting imagery that is quality and legally above …
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A Website is not just a Website

In today’s competitive market it’s vital that your website not only be your branding document, but it also needs to be a portal to many of your operational systems. For example, when you’re offering booking systems on your website these should have a direct integration to your bookings systems in the back office, and ideally …
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Are businesses asking too much from their marketers?

Marketing team expectations

Trawling through the list of jobs for marketing consultants and managers on the internet, I notice an astonishing wide range of skills required and frankly the salaries don’t seem to match. Now that companies are really getting behind digital marketing they’re expecting their marketing team to not only have the more traditional marketing skills but …
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