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How to maximise visual content value

An ever-increasing challenge for online marketers is the insistence on visual images to support your fabulous content.  This is really a good thing because it allows you so much flexibility in fresh ideas for your content. Variety is the spice of life.  But the challenge is in getting imagery that is quality and legally above board.

You must must must have fresh visual content to support your regular social media posts and news stories on your website.

Buying images is getting more expensive, not less.  Besides, stock photography is okay but producing your own images has far more value.  So my recommendation is to start looking at photographers contracts in a whole new way.  Engage a photographer on a retainer or commit to a certain number of photo shoots throughout the year to negotiate a better price.

You'll also develop a relationship with your photographer that makes life easier, photo shoots faster and the end results better.

Engage graphic designers or video creators in the same manner.  Instead of high budget one-off investments, start to negotiate contracts that provide more regular content creation at a lower price per shoot or design.

As we react to the demands of our customers for more frequent and better quality visual content, it's up to our photographers, videographers and designers to be providing price structures and timelines that help us meet these demands.

Not all of your visual content has to be the highest quality.  One of the greatest things about Instagram is that the filters allow you to get away with photos that otherwise aren't so good.  The new video feature is also great for keeping things short and sweet.  Instagram is a culture where the quality is not paramount, so it's a perfect support tool to your other visual aids.

However,  if you're an organisation that wants to have a quality brand image the majority of your content does have to be quality and therefore you need help from your photographers, graphic designers and videographers.  The Instagram and do-it-yourself options need to be kept to a minimum as a support measure only.

We'd love to hear from you about what you're doing to get quality visual content into your online marketing?

About Robyn Fae McCormack

Robyn is a marketing consultant with over 8 years sales and marketing experience in the Sporting Clubs and Software markets with additional sales experience in Finance. She is one of those unique gems that have the ability to do both Sales and Marketing and enjoys sharing her knowledge through the KentMcCormack blog.

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