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Qld Cricketers’ Club Website Integration

This website is a great test case of how you can use your existing software applications to get the most out of your website. This is particularly true of the Club industry, although it's a great example whomever you are on how you can use your website to maximise your software value.

Your website can now be a hub for incoming information from your members and new customers. It will give you access to these markets faster and easier.  It will save you operational time and give you better reporting capabilities.

The Qld Cricketers' Club Website is integrating with:

  • Micropower Online Member Services
  • Micropower's Event Bookings System
  • Micropower Hospitality POS for Online Store
  • Impact Data Email Marketing Software
  • MiClub Golf Booking Software
  • Social Media Platforms

In more detail

Online Member Payments

  • Members can access statements and pay for items directly from their Member account online

Event Bookings

  • Members and public book directly online for tickets to events
  • Members can make payments for events with their Member accounts
  • Public can also book online to get involved using credit card details


  • Merchandise can be bought and paid for online using credit cards

Email Marketing

  • Anytime someone signs up as a Member online the form details are captured by Impact Data and stored in the database with easy filtering options
  • Anytime someone signs up to receive the email subscription they are captured and stored into this same database under a different search filter. This is vital for an accurate and clean database that allows for very targeted campaigns.

Golf Bookings

  • Players can book themselves and their guests into their preferred tee times online
  • Payment can be made by Member accounts and credit card for Members guests (still to come).

Social Media

  • By introducing links and feeds from social media platforms it's easier for people to sign up and follow us. They know we're serious about social media and it's worth signing up. A single button link doesn't send the same message.

When you're looking to upgrade your website give us a call and we'll let you know what sort of software you can use to improve the power of your new website. Phone Robyn on 0416 196 485.

About Robyn Fae McCormack

Robyn is a marketing consultant with over 8 years sales and marketing experience in the Sporting Clubs and Software markets with additional sales experience in Finance. She is one of those unique gems that have the ability to do both Sales and Marketing and enjoys sharing her knowledge through the KentMcCormack blog.

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