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Management Accounting

Take control

The most important aspect of running any business is knowing your financial situation. Surprisingly many customers are unaware that their financial reports are inaccurate, so they're making decisions based on false data. KentMcCormack can ensure that your controls are set up correctly and flowing through to the correct report areas.

Integrate for efficiency

A financials system on its own is never as strong as when it's part of a team. Integrating your financials to other areas of your business will save you a bucket load of time and provide you with more important data for making decisions. In other words...


Common One-off Services

Financial Overhaul

We spend a few hours going through your books to let you know if they’re being managed correctly. If they need work we then quote what it will take to get them in order. In every case so far, we have found key elements that solve your problems instantly.

Report Writing

It’s common for people to have great information in their systems that they can’t get out into meaningful data. Boards often ask for information to be displayed in new ways that isn’t easy to get to. We can make this happen for you.

Acting Management

Tony's management, financial and human resources skills are so comprehensive he can take over the management of your Club or business whilst you're appointing a new one. It's common for Clubs and businesses to be in-between Managers and need an interim hand.

Common Ongoing Services 

Accounting Contract

We do your books for you, get the reports you need and complete your end of month and end of year processes. Normally this will save you money on your current wage costs. Did we say, SAVE YOU MONEY?

Accounting Training

We can look at your workflow and train your staff on how to work smarter.

Business Overseer

This one is a little more broad because it depends on where your biggest needs are.  Essentially we become part of your team to help you build your business in whatever areas you need.  Sometimes that third eye can reveal something simple that you're missing that can make all the difference between winning and losing. Here are some examples we've done for others:

  • Generate sponsorship
  • Assist on sales calls to refine the sales model
  • Refine your business model to increase profit
  • Train your staff on customer service and sales, database generation, software usage, marketing essentials etc.

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