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Social Media and Websites

Social Media

Social media is an exciting two-way communication with your customers.  Whether you're already doing it and want a helping hand, or you need a total start-out strategy we can design something that makes sense for your business and your budget.


Websites are an integral part of every businesses marketing plan.  They're often a very important part of your operations systems too with most businesses having an online component.  We believe there's no point in having a website unless it drives you business so that's exactly what we'll do for you.

Common Ongoing Services

Social Marketing Strategy

Social Media is only one component of your overall marketing strategy.  It's important that your strategy for social media is incorporated or integrated into your entire plan.  Social media will not be successful unless it's part of a bigger goal.  We will work with your existing marketing strategy and design a strategy for your social media that gets results in a measurable way.


Many businesses want a consistent voice to their website and social media.  Indeed the copyrighting skills needed to make sure your business has a human voice is harder than it sounds.  We can be that voice for you to give you the best chance of running a successful marketing strategy.

We've come across many business leaders who don't think that anyone else can tell their story but them, and since they don't have the time they discard the possibility of blogging and social media.  That's where experienced business people are important.  A copyrighter needs to have a good understanding of your business to tell your story.  So it's not only the writing skill that's needed but also a keen sense of your business and the message you want to give.

Coordination and Updates

Time deficiency is a problem for most businesses and often their website update or Facebook posts get bumped off the list.  We can design a plan that suits your budget and frees up your time for other business necessities.  You can feel comfortable that your voice to your customers is taken care of in a professional manner that really represents you and it's done consistently no matter how busy you get.

Common One-off Services

New website

Your new website will be built following a comprehensive review of your brand, your services to customers and your financial goals.  We will consider your overall system integration before determining what system is best for your business.

CMS Training

Content management systems give you the ability to update your website yourselves.  When we build the site we'll make sure you have the most suitable system for your needs and ensure you know how to use it comfortably.  If it's something you'd rather leave to the experts then we'll quote you a monthly fee to keep your website up to date for you.


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