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Tony Kent
Director - Business Consulting 0459 990 691

B.Ec . CPA . Dip Fin Mang. Tony’s list of expertise is extremely long and we could be here all day, so here's a snapshot:

Important facts

  • He's basically an accountant and brilliant with numbers
  • Numbers is just the tip of the iceberg. Management accounting is a whole other level of accounting that means he can see how the details affect the big picture. This gets you the results you're looking for i.e. more profit and less expenses
  • His primary industry has been the golf industry but he's also worked with clubs and hotels, manufacturing, software and big corporates
  • He has held long-term positions as General Manager and CEO, and has owned his own businesses
  • He has a lot of experience with boards
  • He spends most of his spare time thinking of ways to drive your business and with the little that's leftover he plays golf and rows boats.

Frivolous Facts

  • Tony has been below a 5 golf handicap since he was 15
  • His favourite band is ABBA and he’s not embarrassed to admit it
  • His favourite food is a prawn sandwich
  • He’s travelled to a crazy number of places in Australia and overseas...one of the great joys of golf and having a pilot’s licence
  • When you tell a good joke he has an infectious belly laugh that you can hear down the street
  • He’s an awesome Dad and Grandfather

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Robyn McCormack
Director - Marketing 0416 196 485

B.Arts (Drama - Arts Marketing) Robyn’s list of expertise isn’t quite so long but she’s got some great skills too.

Important facts

  • Robyn's business head was discovered at her university audition for Drama and they pushed her into marketing for which she is thankful
  • Her extensive drama education makes her a great salesperson and an excellent communicator
  • It’s also where she learnt to write so copyrighting for you is a breeze
  • She’s worked in the arts and sports industry primarily with a brief stint in finance
  • She’s held positions as National Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, coordinator and analyst
  • She knows how to move around a computer, has a passion for marketing and loves to share what she knows

Frivolous facts

  • Robyn loves to play sport and is surprisingly good at golf even though she never really played..tennis is her A game
  • ONE of her favourite bands is ABBA but she can’t commit to one
  • She can lift her left eyebrow, a trait she got from her father
  • She feels joy from the simple things in her family-based beach life
  • Paradoxically she has very expensive tastes
  • She loves great films, masterful books, beautiful fashion, smart design and technological gadgets

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