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Who are the millennials?

When I first heard this term I gasped at how old I must be that yet another generation had been invented. But it's okay - it's just the Generation Y with a new tag name that has taken over. They are the teenagers and twenty-somethings of today, born between 1980 and 2000. You can read more about who the millennials are in general terms here

So are you targeting Millennials (or Gen Y's) in your marketing?  After reading a lot of different articles on how to market to millennials there are some conflicting studies.  Here's the list of points that I think was most consistent in my reading:

  • They're part of the digital world and to talk to them you must be too
  • They don't like blatant advertising. They're after something a little more savvy than that
  • They're much more likely to buy based on referral
  • They care about the brand behind a product. They want to know where their product comes from and how it is made.

But you know the same can be said about all of our demographics. This article about Relationship Marketing in Forbes reaffirms my sentiments that whether you're a Baby Boomer, Gen X or Millennial the key lies in the need for developing a relationship between your customers and your brand online.  So no matter who your target market is you must find the human voice in your brand to connect with people online...and that includes the Millennials.

About Robyn Fae McCormack

Robyn is a marketing consultant with over 8 years sales and marketing experience in the Sporting Clubs and Software markets with additional sales experience in Finance. She is one of those unique gems that have the ability to do both Sales and Marketing and enjoys sharing her knowledge through the KentMcCormack blog.

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